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Why there is no substitute for an experienced family lawyer

With family law property settlements, there is only one bite of the cherry. You have to get it right the first time, as there isn’t a second chance available to go for more.

You need an experienced family lawyer who has extensive court experience to advise you on what your real entitlement is, and the pros and cons of going to court or settling out of court. You also need to have someone that you feel is on your side, protecting your rights, advising you of your best options, someone who is informative and someone shielding you from the confusion and stress that often comes with family law legal disputes. You also want your lawyer to be down to earth and friendly and easy to approach, so you are comfortable asking any question and asking for any help you need.

This is the culture and approach adopted by the Principal Lawyer of Rigoli Lawyers. Maria Rigoli is a family lawyer– a  barrister and solicitor and has over 22 years legal experience in the Family Law Courts.

Maria’s speciality areas are complex family law property disputes, deceased estate disputes and superannuation claims. Maria’s qualifications and memberships:

  • Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria since 1991
  • Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia since 1992
  • Member of the Victorian Lawyers RPA Pty. Ltd.
  • Member of the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)
  • Member of the Family Law section, LIV.
  • Member on the Referral Panel and Simplified Grants Panel, Victoria Legal Aid
  • Past volunteer on the 3MP Advice Line run by the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Present and past member (and volunteer solicitor) of numerous Community Legal Centres in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area
  • Member of The Lawyer’s Panel, Relationships Australia
  • Ezine Articles Expert Author


Unlike many family lawyers who can only deal with family law, we also have experience in other areas of law such as property, conveyancing, civil disputes, debt recovery, superannuation, deceased estates, bankruptcy and many other areas of law that can affect a family.   There are several other lawyers at Rigoli Lawyers who each have their own expertise in these areas in addition to family law.   To see each lawyer’s profile go to  This experience will benefit you when you receive legal advice with a holistic, wholesome approach to your family law problems and issues.  The same lawyer will be able to action solutions for you in those other areas rather than referring it out to another law firm.    If for example you have an inheritance or deceased estate dispute as well we cater for this type of work:

family lawyer werribee

Settlement out of Court?

At the first instance we aim to try to resolve the client’s property dispute by agreement without needing to go to court.

If however the other party is far too unreasonable and if in our opinion the circumstances warrant, we would rather advise you to instruct us to put all our energies into fighting the matter through court for a resolution that is fair to you. Wherever we can, we will seek a costs order on your behalf for reimbursement of costs from the other party if they have been unreasonable and caused you to incur unnecessary legal costs.


Can’t afford to pay your legal fees for property settlement matter?

Ask us about a deferred payment option where you pay at the end when you get your settlement money. Just book in for a free consult and we can assess if we will take your case on the basis of you paying at the end as well as exploring other options to resolve your matter quickly and effectively.

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